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The excitation mode(Series excitation and Compound excitation) of DC motor

Series excitation(c)

After the excitation winding of the series DC motor is connected to the armature winding in series, it is connected to the DC power supply. The exciting current of this kind of DC motor is the armature current.

Compound excitation(d)

The compound DC motor has two exciting windings: shunt and series. If the flux potential generated by the series winding is in the same direction as the flux potential generated by the shunt winding, it is called cumulative compound excitation. If the two flux potentials are in opposite directions, it is called differential compound excitation.

DC motors with different excitation modes have different characteristics. In general, the main excitation modes of DC motor are shunt excitation, series excitation and compound excitation, and the main excitation modes of DC generator are separate excitation, shunt excitation and compound excitation.


Post time: Dec-11-2023