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Longbo DC Motor’s participation in the PTC Asia Exhibition was a complete success!

Longbo DC Motor Company successfully participated the PTC Asia exhibition in Shanghai from Oct.24-27th. and achieved fruitful results. The company was privileged to interact with numerous industry peers as well as potential customers during this significant event. The PTC Asia exhibition is known as the premier platform for the electrical machinery industry, attracting various companies from around the world. Longbo’s appearance at the exhibition showcased their cutting-edge products, advanced technology and commitment to innovation. They seized the opportunity to showcase their industry-leading expertise and highliht their extensive product portfolio. The company not only received high attention from industry professionals but also received positive responses from potential customers. For more information about Longbo DC Motor Company and its range of innovative products and services, please visit www.lbdcmotor.com.


Post time: Nov-01-2023