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High quality dc motor for forklift 24V 2.2KW brush electric dc motor HY62020 by Long Bo factory

Short Description:

The tailgate motor for a car is a type of electric motor that is used to operate the lifting and lowering movements of the tailgate or rear door of the vehicle. It is a critical component of the car’s automatic liftgate system and is responsible for driving the opening and closing mechanism of the tailgate.

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The 24Volt dc motor HY62020 is used at truck tailgate power unit and is typically controlled by a switch or button located inside the vehicle or on the key fob. Without a properly functioning tailgate motor, the automatic liftgate system may not work as intended, compromising convenience and safety.

Quality management

Quality management for tailgate motors involves monitoring key performance indicators such as reliability, durability, and safety to ensure that tailgate motors perform optimally and consistently in various operating conditions. Quality management also involves ensuring that manufacturing processes are designed and executed to minimize defects and errors, and that products are tested rigorously for compliance with established quality specifications. Through effective quality management, tailgate motor manufacturers can enhance customer satisfaction by delivering products that meet or exceed their expectations for performance, reliability, and safety.



Model  HY62020
Rated Voltage  24V
Rated Power  2.2KW
Rotation Speed  2750rpm
Outer Diameter  114mm
Rotation Direction  CW
Protection Degree  IP54
Insulation Class  F
Weight  7.5kg
Warranty period  1year

With our quality management system, we can guarantee reliable and efficient performance of our DC motors, ensuring customer satisfaction and optimizing the overall performance of your applications.

For any further questions or to place an order, please contact us at sales@lbdcmotor.com.


1. Business Type

a. Manufacturer located in Haiyan county, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Provinceric forklift motor
b. Employees: over 40 in office & workshops

2. Certificates

CE, ISO9001 etc

3. How long could we get the goods?

a. 30-45days for mass production based on your quantity
b. 5~10days for Sample orders

4. Quality Control

a. 100% inspection before packing electric forklift motor
b. Spot inspection before shipment

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