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High-Performance 12 Volt Chrome Hydraulic Motor HY61020 1200W From Long Bo

Short Description:

Experience unparalleled power, efficiency, and durability with our 12 Volt Chrome Hydraulic Pump Motor. Constructed with 100% copper wire, this motor delivers exceptional performance while operating quietly. With customized voltage options and nearly 20 years of manufacturing expertise, we offer reliable service and cater to OEM production needs.

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Detail Description:

The motor HY61020 is a pump dc motor, with a Chrome plated field case and 9 spline shaft. This motor has “HD” double lead brush wries and armature is balanced. The motor combines robust power, superior efficiency, and minimal noise for optimal performance in demanding applications.


Quality management:

Quality management of brushed DC motors involves ensuring that the manufacturing process consistently produces high-quality motors that meet customer requirements and specifications. This involves implementing a quality control plan that includes various stages of inspection, testing, and verification.

The initial stage involves the selection of high-quality raw materials, such as durable magnets and high conductivity copper wires. These materials are then used in the production process, which involves various stages of assembly and testing.

During assembly, the components are inspected to ensure that they meet design specifications and are assembled to the correct tolerances. The motor is then tested to assess its performance in terms of speed, torque, and power consumption.

Final inspection is performed to ensure that the finished product meets the required quality standards. This involves testing the motor under various operating conditions to ensure that it can handle different loads and environments without failure.

Quality management also involves monitoring customer feedback and addressing any issues that arise promptly. This helps to ensure that customers are satisfied with the product and that it meets their needs. By implementing a robust quality management plan, manufacturers can produce high-quality brushed DC motors that meet customer expectations, are reliable, and have a long lifespan.


Model  HY61020
Rated Voltage  12V
Rated Power  1200W
Rotation Speed  2670rpm
Outer Diameter  114mm
Rotation Direction  CW
Protection Degree  IP54
Insulation Class  F
Warranty period  1year

Cross reference: W-9787-LC

Like any mechanical equipment, pump motors require regular maintenance to keep them in optimal working condition. This includes tasks such as lubrication, inspection, and occasional repairs or replacements.

Note: For any further questions or to place an order, please contact us at sales@lbdcmotor.com.


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