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Factory selling permanent magnet electric motor 700W for salt spreaders with 100% copper wire

Short Description:

A salt spreader DC motor is a type of electric motor that is used to power the spinning mechanism of a salt spreader machine. Salt spreaders are used to spread salt and other de-icing materials on roads and sidewalks during winter periods to prevent accidents and ensure safe passage for vehicles and pedestrians. The DC motor is responsible for driving the spreader disc which ejects the salt or other material onto the surface being treated.

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Introducing our HY61083 12V spray pump motor, its overall length is 375mm and motor’s diameter is 121mm, shaft diameter is 15.87mm, two 5/16-16 terminal posts are the rear end cover. The support frame is 106 long and 160mm wide.

Working principle

The motor works by converting electrical energy into rotational mechanical energy via an electromagnetic field. By sending a current through the motor's stator winding, a rotating magnetic field is generated which interacts with the motor's rotor, causing it to turn. This rotational energy is then transferred to the spreader disc via a system of gears or belts, which drives the disc to spread the salt or de-icing material evenly over the surface.



Model  HY61083
Rated Voltage  12V
Rated Power  700W
Rotation Speed  1800rpm
Outer Diameter  121mm
Rotation Direction  Bi-directional
Protection Degree  IP54
Insulation Class  F
Warranty period  1year
Cross reference model  W-98988, LPL0097, 430-22165

To maintain consistent quality, salt spreader DC motor manufacturers establish a set of standard operating procedures (SOPs) that outline the quality control process from start to finish. These may include raw material inspection, in-process testing, and final inspection of finished motors. Standardized quality control procedures help to ensure that every motor performs consistently within expected specifications, meeting the needs of end-users who rely on these motors to operate salt spreaders effectively.

Note: For any further questions or to place an order, please contact us at sales@lbdcmotor.com.


1. Business Type

a. Manufacturer located in Haiyan county, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Provinceric forklift motor
b. Employees: over 40 in office & workshops

2. Certificates

CE, ISO9001 etc

3. How long could we get the goods?

a. 30-45days for mass production based on your quantity
b. 5~10days for Sample orders

4. Quality Control

a. 100% inspection before packing electric forklift motor
b. Spot inspection before shipment

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